Sunday, August 22, 2004

I'm feeling bad about not having a baby book for Jonah. It is a small comfort that when Kids 2 and 3 come along, they will not be able to whine that the oldest has 3 scrapbooks and they have nothing because in actuality Jonah will only have photos in the camera that his mother is still not quite sure how to download into the computer and then upload to O-foto. Gad. So, I'm journaling Jonah's advances and hoping that counts. For the record, I found Jonah on a ladder around the side of the house. The first time it was completely quiet even though I was calling and calling and I was starting to worry even though I knew that no one had actually come into my backyard and taken him. And then I heard a giggle and found Jonah on this ladder. I forgot to do something about it, so a few days later I couldn't find him and this time I knew right where to go. Only this time I had to ask Jonah to come down a rung so that I could reach him.

Mr. J is also teething, which is making him sort of a biter. He likes to attack my leg with this "Ahhh" sound. Two weeks ago he did this to the side of the bath tub. Pandemonium ensued with him screaming, me screaming. He chipped his two front top teeth, but the dentist thinks neither was traumatized.

Jonah has also appointed himself to be Chris's valet in the mornings - bringing him his shoes, glasses.

I'm trying out a new exercise program. I'm also trying out eating less, which is semi-successful. Semi might be too strong a word as I don't think I've lost any weight. Tomorrow is Monday so we'll try again.

It is Sunday evening. Not a whole lot was accomplished today. Chris is going to be working some tonight, so I feel like the evening is just slipping away. And I still don't know how to download pictures. If Chris died, not only would I be completely devastated, but I'm afraid I would also find myself completely inept. And my worst fear is that I would move back home with my parents. We have so much stuff whose workings completely mystify me.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

I need to write some updates on Jonah, so that years from now when I have time to scrapbook I'll know what was going on.
Thus far, he contines his animal noises. He also knows nose (no), eye and knee. This weekend at my parents' house, he started to eat with a fork. Jonah loves to be read to. He will approach with a book chanting "Dubba, dubba, dubba, dubba." And then while you are opening the book, he does a shaky little bounce and makes "rrrrr" noises with his lips. Halfway through the book he will get up and get another book so that he will be ready for when the current book is finished - "a-ha" he says - presenting the next book. He really does say a ha - with the emphasis on the wrong syllable. If you are not responsive in wanting to read what he wants, he will take your hand, open it and place his book in it.

Jonah is doing great in MDO. I wish I was doing more with the time. Today I came home and cleaned house for about an hour, next I will do my Bible study. Honestly, I tried to think of something exciting last night, something I could do with this free time and nothing came to mind.

Chris is working hard. Too hard. He tells me he wants to make me proud. I don't like feeling like I'm adding pressure to an already Type-A stressed out man. I wish I could help. But I don't know how to do legal research. So I do what I can - I read to Jonah and I go to visit my parents so Chris can get some work done. The extent of my abilities makes me sigh.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I'm feeling my lack of blogging keenly. And I wish I could say that I've just been far to busy traveling the coast of France or getting my new business started, or at the very least organizing my house. A friend at church last week exclaimed that it had been forever since she had seen me, what had happened to me. And honestly, I don't know where I've been. I've been feeling a little low lately - my house is grossly unorganized, I read a good book and wish that I could write like that, even this blog - I can't think of anything to write. I would like to blame that on an uninteresting life, but my husband's blog is chock full o' stuff, and he seems to be leading a similar life to mine. I think the excitement belongs to my son, who is sampling a Starbucks iced chai in his sippy cup currently and looking at framed pictures that are not on the shelf. Yesterday I must have gone over Aunt Shanon, Mommy, Tia about 15 times - he never got bored. Where is my get-up-and-go? What would Sarah Bird write in this situation? Ehh.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

So while Jonah continues to not talk, he has progressed in making animal noises - "What does a sheep say?" "Baa" "What does a dog say?" "Woo" The nursery ladies at the Y think he's hilarious. They are also not worried that little JW isn't talking. His 18 month check up is coming up, and I'm sure the doctor will cluck over his lack of English words, but I will stand strong in the face of adversity.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

My son Jonah is a Muppet. And I blame my husband entirely. To make Jonah laugh, Chris and yes, even me would shake our heads at him, mouths open, tongues wagging. Now when Jonah makes eye contact at me, he shakes his head. Only he can't do it fast yet, so it's this slow shake, a careful left to right.

I'm so looking foward to Jonah talking, but I do enjoy his baby babble - he sounds like one of the Tibetan singers in Genghis Blues, like two sounds are coming out of his throat at once. One is sort of a tongue rolling, like he's practising his Spanish R's and then it's coupled with just noise.

I'm dieting again today. Although to be honest, I think I've dieted everyday since I was fourteen. But I always wake up full of hope, so here I go again.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I must be having a good week considering the dearth of blogging - I would check the spelling of the word "dearth" but my husband is using my dictionary to hold up his scanner, which I don't know how to use yet.

I actually want to update on Jonah as I won't remember the past 2 weeks worth of cuteness.
He has 2 new smiles now - one is a sly, sh**-eating grin, and I wonder what he's done, or what he's thinking of doing. the other is this sweet, half smile, like he's thinking on something serious and perhaps yearning.
Have I mentioned his fondess for toilet implements. The other month I was folding clothes in my room and happened to look out the door and saw a toilet plunger dancing by. I also find the toilet brush scattered in different rooms every week.
For Easter we had a potluck dinner with some friends from church, and I bought Easter balloons for all the kids. At least every couple of hours Jonah would run into the room towards the balloon cluster and throw up his hands in praise and yell, "Dada!" "Dada" for those who don't know generally refers to anything that he thinks is nifty. It's a problem out in public because I think most people look at us sorrowfully, that my son is so desparate for a paternal figure.
I have been concerned that Jonah has no words other than "bye-bye" - actually, let me rephrase - most of the time I'm fine that Jonah doesn't talk (I totally stood up to his doctor on this subject), but sometimes I worry. But the other day I dropped dinner off for a mom with a new baby, and her older daughter is 3 months older than Jonah, and she took 5 steps while we were there, and her mother noted that was the most she had ever taken. Jonah is currently concentrating on going down steps while facing forward. So, I think this backs up my theory that by the time these kids are 5, Jonah will be chatting, and this little girl will be running all over the playground.

I've been feeling snarky about the house as of late. I vacillate (again, spell check needed) between voicing this and thinking of ways to change the house and deciding I should keep quiet because Chris is working so much at work and on his article, and he reallly doesn't need the extra stress. I guess I should mention that I'm completely powerless to do changes to the house myself because I'm handy-capped. Like the lesbian relationship in Best in Show, I'm just the muse with the big lips sipping frappachinos, and Chris is the one who does all the work. I now have an idea for short bookshelves, which Chris knows how to build, which I do not. My friend suggested having my various women friends over to evaluate the house because as she put it, "it's not without hope; it has possibilities." Chris looked wounded when I repeated that. So, I'm trying to cottage-fy the house, and I see the honkin' big-assed TV as being in the way. i think this is all a part of a plot on Chris's part to get me to suggest getting a plasma TV that will take up less space.

Monday, March 08, 2004

It's been a good week looking back. And so I've not been in the mood to write much. What is it about sadness, frustration, anger and just a general mood of snarkiness that propels one's creative juices? I mean, is it just me or has Sheryl Crow's music lessened now that she has money and success? I should add the disclaimer that I've not purchased her latest albums, but I just didn't care for the cheery cover song the radio played, so please, no lawsuits.
Why don't I write so much when I'm feeling good? There must be something about angst that needs to be proclaimed. When I'm feeling good I don't particularly feel the need to share that with people, but when I'm down I'm desparate for a friend to ask me how I am really. Maybe bad feelings need to be released and good feelings can just stick around.
I'm new at writing, and I was feeling bad that I hadn't written much this past week, but honestly, I could kiss writing good-bye if I could feel this good all the time.
I had paused for a moment to think of all the things going on in my life like a little checklist - Jonah - good; Chris - good; and then I glanced into the kitchen and saw some food and remembered that I had been stressing about lack of weight loss this morning. Well, there we go! Actually the reason I haven't lost any weight is because I'm not dieting. I thought I would try this method - so far, not working so well. Maybe I should have given up sweets for Lent afterall, but it just seemed that I've always used Lent as a chance to go on a really strict diet, after all I'm not eating as vow unto the Lord!!!! So this year I vowed to read my Bible everyday instead, seemed a more holy sort of vow and not so self serving. On the treadmill this morning I was full of good ideas -write down what I eat, no cookies (till I remembered that I'm bringing snack for Moms Group tomorrow, so brownies will be baking today, Oreo brownies, and what are the odds that I won't eat an Oreo?) but then I got home and thought of all the stuff I have to do, and really do I have time to write everything down in a little notebook? Although I do like little notebooks. Rather I like to buy little notebooks, but I never use them completely. If I let myself run wild (30 Year Old Shannons Gone Wild) I would have a dozen cute books around the house half filled with everything ranging from earnest prayers and journaling to grocery lists and calorie counting.

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